Power Devices and LED

Because of its unique materials and electronics properties, GaN is set to take over as traditional silicon devices reach their limits.

In the power as well as in the LED industry, significant efforts to slash down the cost in production lead developpers and producers to consider GaN-on-silicon as a priority.

All these efforts in GaN research create brand new characterization needs, that current methods cannot address properly. GaN supply chain from the wafer to the final device need to be tighly quality controlled, and the necessity to identify process and material defects quickly and efficiently has become a major challenge.

Attolight’s technology provides an unmatched solution for defect identification and counting in Gallium Nitride, with numerous advantages:

  • Very fast non destructive counting of threading dislocation density over a large area
  • In-depth analysis of defects with an easy-to-use solution
  • High level study of spatial distribution of dopants and inclusions
  • Local measurements of CL emission lifetimes, providing an unprecedented characterization of defects and composition gradients