Nano Semiconductor

Attolight was created by two former researchers in material science at EPFL, leading naturally the company to keep and maintain a very good understanding of the needs of the academic sector.

The global environmental and energetical challenges are creating tremendous opportunities for the research communities to investigate deeply into new nanoscale objects and structures, requiring brand new methods to analyse them.

Attolight’s goal is to foster innovation and develop characterization solutions to boost research programs, generate new data for new publications, and make researchers’ life easier.

Attolight’s solutions address the characterization challenges on a variety of semiconductor materials and nanoscale objects such as nanoparticles, nanotubes, quantum dots, defects or dopant inclusions with nanometer resolution, at various temperatures. Applied to materials such as phosphors, compound semiconductors (e.g. ZnO, GaAs or GaN and its alloys), high-band semiconductors (e.g. BN or diamond), or Silicon, our expertise and technology definitively open new areas of investigations.