Ingots, Wafers and Cells

The Photovoltaic industry and research institutes are under tremendous pressure to increase cell efficiencies, improve processes and yields, and reduce costs. Attolight has developed a proprietary cathodoluminescence technology and expertise that is able to generate valuable data which the traditional spectroscopy techniques cannot obtain easily, or at times cannot obtain at all.

Our technology is an outstanding offline characterization solution able to analyse thin films PV materials like never before, in a very fast and efficient manner. It can be used to identify process and material faults, perform quality controls, accelerate the introduction of new manufacturing processes or new product generation.

The highly stable cooling stage allows high-resolution scans down to 10K giving the possibility to characterize silicon PV films at a very high resolution.

The Attolight technology provides many advantages including:

  • Deep analysis of defects such as grain boundaries and dislocations
  • Fast and high level study of spatial distribution of dopants and inclusions
  • In depth failure analysis and off-line control quality
  • Accelerated development of new cell technologies