Attolight closes a CHF 1.5 million round and welcomes the serial high-tech entrepreneur, Erik Smith, as a Board Member

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Based in Lausanne, in the midst of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale (EPFL), Attolight is commercializing the first “movie camera for the nanoworld”.

Attolight announces that it has raised CHF 1.5 million from both institutional and private investors: these include Aargauische Kantonalbank, Zürcher Kantonalbank, StartAngels Network and Verve Capital Partners ( The active participation of the existing investors in this 2nd financing round reinforces their confidence in Attolight.

This funding is a clear endorsement of the successful development of Attolight and its tools and will enable Attolight to become an established player in its key markets”, said Samuel Sonderegger, Attolight’s CEO.

Attolight has appointed Erik Smith as a new member of the Board. With a proven track record in leading technology companies, Smith brings an excellent understanding of the requirements for Attolight to succeed in the global semi-conductor equipment market. Smith is presently the Senior Director for the half billion dollar semi-conductor, solar and LED capital equipment division at Flextronics.

The appointment of Erik Smith is an excellent opportunity for Attolight to benefit from his strong expertise, both in high-tech industries and across the Asian markets”, said Peter Müller, director of Attolight and President of the StartAngels Network.

Attolight is a leading company in the design of systems for ultrafast measurements at a nanoscale: its innovative measurement tool is akin to a movie camera for the nanoworld, enabling the user to observe and measure electric currents at the nanometer level, down to the picosecond and in real time. The tool is based on a proven technology that was initially conceived within EPFL.

About Erik Smith

Smith started his career with Ultratech, a leading supplier of lithography and laser-processing systems used in the manufacture of semi-conductor devices and high-brightness LEDs, where he held a variety of roles, including leading its Asian operations from Tokyo and spending 5 years as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

After Ultratech, he was the COO of a thin film materials start-up company and the founder and CEO of Alta-Energy, a solar market-place company serving the commercial rooftop market.

About Attolight

Attolight is a Swiss start-up company that develops innovative characterization tools and solutions for research laboratories and the semi-conductor industry. Attolight’s innovative combination of electron and light microscopy reveals ultra-trace impurities and crystallographic defects not visible using other imaging techniques. Attolight`s key technology is a measurement technique called cathodoluminescence, a non-destructive characterization method that yields incomparable data and provides a deeper understanding of material structures.

Attolight`s technology has a wide variety of applications in connection with the assessment of performance and reliability of LEDs, GaN power transistors, deep UV emitters, solar cells, and bio-sensors.

The Company`s initial quantitative cathodoluminescence system was launched in 2011: it offers the user a spatial resolution of less than 10nm, a field of view of 300µm and an optional time resolution mode of 10ps.

Attolight also offers laboratory and testing facilities for contract service measurements Address enquiries to: Samuel Sonderegger, CEO +41 21 626 0100 [email protected]

About Zürcher Kantonalbank

Zürcher Kantonalbank is the leading universal bank in the Zurich region, focusing on the national market. The Bank invests through its bank-owned Venture-Fund Pionier every year risk capital in about 20 start-up companies in the Zurich economic area. By doing so the Bank assists the transfer of ideas into economy.

About Aargauische Kantonalbank

The publicly held Aargauische Kantonalbank (AKB) owns a specific risk fund for investments in promising technology start-up companies whose business models allow high scalability. This fund has recently been increased to CHF 10m in connection with the high tech strategy of Canton of Aargau. AKB invests via loans, equity and various types of mezzanine capital.

About the StartAngels Network

StartAngels Network consists of over 60 Business Angels who have wide experiences in different industries and functions. The StartAngel Investors participate directly in their investee companies as lead and co investors. They support the start-ups through coaching and contacts.

About Verve Capital Partners AG (

Verve Capital Partners in Zurich provides private investors with access to direct investments in early stage companies. Verve Capital Partners operates the platform and actively supports its portfolio companies, together with its strong network of entrepreneurs, investors, experts and partners.