Attolight delivered a new Cathodoluminence tool to NTU, Singapore

Attolight announced today the delivery of its first Cathodoluminescence equipment in Singapore. The product has been installed and commissioned at the Nanyang Technological University and is dedicated to plasmonics application.

“I was looking for technical tool to study optical properties at nanometer spatial and spectroscopic resolution. After browsing several options, Attolight becomes an obvious choice for its ease of use, and simplified yet advanced technology. The patented technology of Attolight has enabled hassle-free alignment and quick measurement with high resolution. We are looking forward to advancing our research using Attolight system”, said Dr Xing Yi Ling, Nanyang Assistant Professor.

This is the first system Attolight delivers in Asia. The company has developed an important network in both academic and industrial field also in China and Japan, and started already in 2012 to perform analytical services for these countries. Attolight has signed an agreement with Gaia Science, based in Singapore and giving access to a global distribution and service network in South East Asia.

Having already an expertise in diverse applications including GaN (LED, power devices), Zn0, photovoltaic and nano-photonics, Attolight has also a technology opening new areas of investigation in the field of plasmonics.