China’s market now wide open to Attolight

On September 24, Attolight signed an important agreement with Quantum Design China, one of the most important developers of advanced technology cryogenic systems and instruments for the researcher community. By this agreement, Quantum Design China will distribute and promote Attolight’s products and technology into China, allowing the Swiss company to ensure a strong presence on this fast-growing market.

As a Swiss SME, Attolight is aware that collaborating with other innovation centres and research entities is crucial, especially when moving into a foreign country and business culture. Since its beginning, Attolight has built up a strong national and international network, working together with CEA/Léti in France for instance. The two partners have just announced a joint-development program to extend applications for Cathodoluminescence Technology.

In March 2012, some members of Attolight’s management took a first business trip to China, organizing some technical seminars in several Universities and Institutes of Technology. With its booming economy and huge investments in numerous research fields, including solar technologies, China is clearly a major target for Attolight. Moreover, the country announced recently that it actively took up the issue of attracting highly skilled professionals, scientists and managers, offering attractive conditions to foreigners to establish themselves in Mainland China.

Timing seems perfect for a strategic move towards the “Chinese dream”. With Quantum Design China, Attolight is establishing a high-value, sustainable partnership with a big player operating no less than three subsidiaries in the country: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Founded in Beijing in 2004 by an American holding, Quantum Design China develops and markets advanced technology cryogenic systems and instruments for the research community, becoming the leading commercial source for integrated laboratory analytical systems incorporating superconducting technology and low temperature systems.

For Attolight, the company represents the perfect link to forthcoming Chinese customers in the academic or industrial field, providing contacts and invaluable insights into the market for some of its technologies, such as integrated and time-resolved cathodoluminesence or cryogenic nanopositioning stage systems. Thanks to its other Asian subsidiaries outside the People’s Republic China – in Japan and in South Korea – Quantum Design could also give access to a global distribution and after-sales service network, helping Attolight to expand its business throughout a large part of Asia. For the Swiss company, the journey to the East has just begun.