Dr. Frank Siebke and Jean-Philippe Lallement to join board of directors

We are happy to welcome two new board members who bring extensive business and industry knowledge to Attolight.

Dr. Frank Siebke – Director

Frank is an industry expert with international experience in operations and venture capital. He has held senior management positions in growth companies. As CTO and Investment Director at Good Energies, Frank invested in technology driven companies across Europe, Israel, North America and China. Before joining Good Energies, Frank held leading positions in the PV industry at RWE Schott Solar, Schott Glas and Shell Solar, and has worked as researcher and development engineer at the Research Center Jülich and Sanyo Electric in Osaka. Frank has held board or board observer positions at several companies including Azzurro Semiconductors, Concentrix Solar and Xjet.

Jean-Philippe Lallement – Chairman

Jean-Philippe is the Managing Director of the EPFL Innovation Park. A prominent specialist in high-tech entrepreneurship, Jean-Philippe formerly held the role of VP and General Manager at SITA Group and was closely involved in the formation of Equant which raised 200 MUSD and subsequently listed on the NYSE. Jean-Philippe has 20-year experience managing high growth international business units, and developing start-ups. He is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique in France, Telecom ParisTech, and INSEAD.