Allalin 4027

The Allalin 4027 is a nanometer resolution spectroscopy instrument, based on a disruptive technology called low-temperature Quantitative Cathodoluminescence, that tightly integrates a scanning electron microscope, a light microscope and a cryogenic stage into one tool. It requires zero alignment, features zero photon loss, houses a high performance multiple channel detector and a zero-drift liquid Helium cryostat. It is designed for those who need to follow a tight technology roadmap, obtain a deep understanding of their material and have access to extremely precise spectroscopic information that has been unavailable from traditional microscopy or spectroscopy techniques.

The Allalin 4027’s 1600 color channels offer an unmatched solution for accurate and repeatable measurement of energy transfer in second generation solar cells and band-gap energy in Gallium Nitride based devices such as power transistors and LEDs. It can speed up technology development process and perform advance failure analysis (Indium clustering, band-gap shifts, etc.).