Rosa 4634

The Rosa 4634 is a nanometer resolution UV to NIR spectroscopy instrument, based on a disruptive technology called low-temperature Quantitative Cathodoluminescence, that tightly integrates a scanning electron microscope, a light microscope and a cryogenic stage into one tool. It is specially designed to assists device makers in lowering their production costs, while increasing device reliability.

The Rosa 4634 is a state-of-the-art offline instrument ideal for the photovoltaic and silicon industries. With applications across the PV manufacturing supply chain – from ingots to wafers and cells – the system enables yield efficiency improvements and generates high value data for failure analysis, new technology introduction, validation in manufacturing and advanced product development.

In scientific and industrial research, the Rosa 4634’s ability to clearly map spectroscopic features on nanoscale objects over an extended spectral range opens up brand new areas of investigations for researchers, especially on materials such as Silicon, InGaAs or InAlAs.