Analytical Services

Attolight has developed breakthrough technology in cathodoluminescence which will open a new area of investigation in semiconductor material research. Attolight now offers immediate access to data that will significantly impact your processes, your technological research and development roadmap.

Q: Why does Attolight, an equipment manufacturer, provide analytical and consulting services?

A: Typically in response to one of two situations:

– Our client needs to push forward their research or process development but has no budget to add capital equipment.
– Our client is making (or has made) a case for capital funding confident that high resolution CL is a game changing technology for their research and process development.

Our laboratory in Switzerland provides analytical testing services and solutions, using the latest cathodoluminescence technology developed by Attolight. Our solutions enables the characterization of a variety of nano scale structures including: nanoparticles, nanotubes, quantum dots, defects, dopant inclusions, silicon wafer and ingot quality control for PV applications, GaN wafer quality control for LED and power devices. Attolight has also developed a proprietary solution to count the threading dislocation densities on wafers, offering a significant cost ownership benefit over the traditional TEM method.