Integrated Cathodoluminescence

Hybrid Microscope

Attolight’s system is a fully featured spectroscopy system with an integrated light and electron microscope. The light microscope is embedded within the electron objective lens of the electron microscope so that their field of view match each other. You position your specimen visually thanks to the light microscope and start measuring. No optical alignment is required.

Optimized for Cathodoluminescence

The entire system is optimized to achieve superior cathodoluminescence performance without compromising the scanning electron microscope specifications. Compared to existing cathodoluminescence solutions, secondary electrons are not obstructed by the collection optics, the working distance and field of view of both microscopes match each other. It all concours to the highest performances in cathodoluminescence ever achieved: superior contrast, better signal-to-noise ratio, higher space-resolution and constant high efficiency collection over the whole field of view.

Low Electron Beam Energy

Attolight’s electron optical design was tailored to achieve excellent performances at low electron beam acceleration voltages (3 to 8 kV). Within this range, the generation volume created by the electron beam stays relatively small and your cathodoluminescence maps stay sharp.

High Flexibility

Despite its high degree of integration, the system is easily upgradable and can be interfaced with other measurement tools. Like any other electron microscope, the system can host many external measurement systems, such as EDX, EBIC, etc. The embedded light microscope and the imaging spectrometer can also be coupled to external apparatus to perform experiments such as micro-photoluminescence, micro-Raman spectroscopy.